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Hawaiian Bodywork & Sound Healing

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Ka Huna

Hawaiian Massage

Ka Huna, also known as Lomi Lomi or temple-style massage, is a Hawaiian form of massage, in which the forearms and elbows are used, giving long rhythmic strokes. The Ka Huna massage is considered by the Hawaiian culture to be one of the most important healing tool and is taught and practiced worldwide. The subtle yet strong touches are adapted to the client’s needs to release blocked energy. The use of massage oils allows for differentiated and harmonizing strokes. The ancient healers of Hawaii believed that illnesses were the result of suppressed emotions, mental disorders, mental uneasiness and tension caused by energy blockages in the body. Health recovery was therefore believed to involve a process of physical, emotional and mental healing. They also believed that our bodies emerge through our thoughts and carry Mana (energy). If pain and tension are relieved through massages, we can dedicate ourselves to lighter thoughts, and that eventually leads to a healthier body and mind.

In summer time a refreshing essential oil is being added to the massage oil and in winter hot stones are used.

Acupressure Massage

Tui Na

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than Cure”. In Asia, the preservation of health and the prevention of disorders are of greater importance than the pursuit of remedies and treatment. The Chinese word “Tui Na” means “stroke/grab” and refers to a treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine that combines various massage techniques. Acupressure massage helps to relax the body by gentle pressure on the energy points and meridians, serving to harmonize body and soul and can be used for a variety of acute or chronic discomforts.

Classical Massage

Strong pressure on the muscles and tissues in flowing motion sequences releases existing energy blockages, strengthens the circulation and eliminates toxins. The circulation is stimulated, the organs are cleansed of toxins and the body is detoxified. Stiffness in the tissues and in the muscles are released, the blood circulation is energized, the immune system is strengthened and the metabolism is revitalized. Slight stretching and joint loosening complete the massage.



During the massage with aroma oils, the scent is absorbed through the skin and transported to the muscles, joints and organs. The individually composed essential oil mixture is massaged into the skin by means of stroking, kneading, circular pushing, tapping and vibrating. It relieves stress, tension and muscle pain, it promotes blood circulation, elasticity and relaxes. The aim of the massage is to promote the supply of nutrients to the muscles, stimulate the lymphatic system and thus reduce stress. The body can be made to feel “great again” and on an emotional level aids to lessen fear, sorrows and negative thoughts.

Hawaiian 4 Hands Massage

with Waltraud Müller

The treatment begins with the back, which according to the shamanic view is the place of the past. Subsequently, the front part of the body is worked on, with the abdomen as the place of feelings and memories. According to the spiritual background, a prayer is chanted before the massage.

Once a month.


Means “The joyful (oha) sharing (alo) of life energy (ha) in the present (alo)”

Sound Travel Ke Ala Hoku

Hawaiian Bodywork & Sound Healing

Trittligasse 8
8001 Zürich

Ke Ala Hoku is a sound travel to the star, into your middle, into your inner centre, a journey back to yourself! It is also known as, Sound Healing, Sound Bath and Sound Therapy! A deeply touching sound therapy for the lightness of being!

Surrender to the World of Crystallin Sound. Listen to the rhythm of your heart and become quiet, feel how the silence speaks to you.

Through the regulation, your nerves, you are submerging more and more into relaxation and your parasympathetic nervous system gets activated. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated. In the state of Theta, your brainwaves frequency connects to your subconscious. Tensions free and release by themselves.

The sound comforts you and accompanies you into your inner self!

Through the letting go and the unconditional surrender, trust and devotion, you may sink more and more into your inner being. Your Rainbow Bridge gets activated , the Pineal Gland and Pituitary Gland are getting more and more in unison, it releases, clears and frees a new consciousness of peace a love.

Open up to the sound, joy and harmony.

Open up from dis-ease into ease!

The vibration, from the crystal bowls are soothing, harmonizing and balancing! It imbues the DNA, the cells, bioenergetic field, homeostasis, it brings well-being.

The World is Sound

Everything is Sound, Vibration, Frequency, Oscillation, Waves, Energy and everything is Resonance!

“Anyone who knows the Secret of Sounds, knows the Mystery of the > whole Universe”
Hazrat Inayat Khan

The alchemy and power of sounds, crystals and colors!

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Shop

Hawaiian Bodywork & Sound Healing

Trittligasse 8
8001 Zürich

Crystal Tones/Crystal Singing Bowls

A Sound Wave Synergy

Already in Ancient Egypt, which has one of the longest recorded histories, of around 3000 years, Atlantis and Lemuria, the crystals and sounds were used as their ancient healing techniques, in their every day living.

Thanks to our modern alchemists William Jones and Paul Utz (USA), we still have high-quality crystal singing bowls available today.

“Crystal Tones” are made from quarz crystal, minerals, precious metals and other natural materials. The highest value is attached to quality. No bowl resembles the other, neither in sound or in its colours. Since the human body is made of vibration and of crystalline form, the resonance is very high when this vibration occurs and the body is aligned with the harmonizing healing frequency. The physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, spiritual bodies are striving for balance and harmony. The Aura Field gets clarified and the Chakras balanced.

The encrypted relationships of frequency, light, colors, sound!

Each sound has its frequency. Each frequency has a color belonging to it (can be made visible) they say: “sound color” or “color tone”.

“In a mineral are frequency color light tone.”
Prof. Born (Nobelpreis)

“The human body recognizes light, sound and frequencies and directs them into the areas of the body that perceive certain colors, light and sound with their nerves.”
Prof.Popp, The Light in our Cells

I recommend that you listen to and try out the crystal singing bowls on site. The matching bowl, the matching tone, is felt with the heart. The call of the Crystal Tones, is a personal heart encounter!

The Aloha Philosophy:

The world is what you think it is

There are no limits

Energy follows attention

Now is the moment of power

Love means being happy with what is

All power comes from within

Effectiveness is the measure of truth

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Hawaiian Bodywork & Sound Healing

Trittligasse 8
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Hawaiian Massage

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